Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Statue of Liberty Sculptures on Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow Appraiser Eric Silver and Host Mark L. Walberg view and discuss miniature replicas of the Statue of Liberty which are part of the New York Historical Society's collection.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

CTBC Bank and Taipei 101 Souvenir Building Replicas

A very good friend, and you know who you are Sean, returned recently from a business trip to Taipei, Taiwan. As always when friends or family are traveling, I reminded him to keep an eye out for metal souvenir buildings. He retuned with not one, but two great building replicas from that city. One is a very detailed and well-made chrome metal souvenir of Taipei 101, which was designated the tallest building in the world in 2004 and remained until being surpassed with the opening of Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010. The building's design contains visual symbolism including sections of bamboo, pagoda, and an open flower. The structure also needed to be strong and flexible to withstand both high winds and earthquakes. The second is a large, metal presentation piece replica of the CTBC Bank complex. Formerly known as China Securities Investment Corp., Chinatrust Commercial Bank (CTBC Bank) was established in 1966 and renamed CTBC Bank Co., Ltd.  to align with our overseas expansion strategy.  The Chinatrust Commercial Bank headquarters building in Taipei, Taiwan is a complex, which includes a 30-story headquarters building, a 21-story commercial office building, a 10-story hotel, and a four-level retail center. The building fa├žade system consists of extensive unitized curtain walls at the three towers, and multiple glass wall variations at the podium levels. The main tower has a series of vertical atriums carved into it creating “centers” or vertical courtyards composed of multistory, cable-supported glass that extends the entire height of the structure on two faces. The office towers feature a curtain wall that allows for maximum natural daylight through narrow floor plates, with floor-to-ceiling glass and automatic sensors. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mid-Century Modern Bank Building Replicas

Coin banks, made mostly by the company Banthrico, could be categorized into architectural styles. The following list of building replica still banks are considered mid-century modern - a style that emphasized large and ample windows, open floor plans, and flat planes with changes in elevation. This style emerged about 1945 and continued to the 1960s. 
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (not Banthrico)

Colorado Federal Savings Bank ( more info here )

Norwood Savings and Loan Association in Ohio

Northwest Federal Bank 

Newport Balboa Savings and Load Association 

Thunderbird Bank (made by Rehberger) 

Central Bank of Tampa

Midland Savings and Loan Association 

Joplin Bank

Mid Kansas Federal Savings Bank

United Savings and Loan

Lawn Savings Bank

First State Bank

Citizens National Bank in Chicago 

East Alton Savings & Loan

First Federal Savings & Loan in Greenville, South Carolina 

Salem Federal Savings & Loan in Oregon 

Southwestern Savings & Loan

The First Liberty National Bank

The Great Northern Building and Loan 

St. Paul Federal Savings Bank

Wilmington Mutual Savings & Loan

State Bank of Clearing

Ford City Bank

Clyde Savings Bank

Brookfield Federal Savings Bank of Connecticut
International Building Credit Union Center in Madison Wisconsin

National Bank of Albany Park

First National Bank in Wamego, Kansas

Leon Federal Savings & Loan Association (made by Rehberger)  

Chemung Canal Savings Bank

Dade Federal Savings Bank

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pottery Barn’s Mini Metal City Building Replicas

The store, Pottery Barn, is selling what could be described as micro miniatures. Made of brass with and antiqued silver finish, they are small with the tallest about 2.25 inches. The sets of cities include London, Paris, San Francisco, New York City, and replicas from around Texas. Thanks to Mark F. for the tip about these new replicas. 
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