Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Walk "ON" L.A.

You can walk through L.A., walk along L.A., walk to L.A., but did you also know you can walk 'ON' L.A.? We were at Santa Monica’s beach a while back and noticed an enormous roller and upon closer inspection it had building on it. It’s the Santa Monica Art Tool: "Walk on L.A." created by sculptor Carl Cheng in 1988. Constructed of cast concrete and steel, It was commissioned by the City of Santa Monica Percent for Art program as part of the Natural Elements Sculpture Park with funds from the NEA and the Santa Monica Arts Foundation. Its located on Santa Monica beach, just north of the famous pier. The 13-ton concrete cylinder leaves an impression 2"-high scale map of Los Angeles in the sand when rolled over the beach. The work has delighted beachgoers for nearly two decades, but sand, sun, salt water and thousands of visitors who climb on it has taken their toll.

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