Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AT&T Commercials

New Sanfrakota, Chilondoscow or even Philawareapragueacago could be the names of the cities we souvenir building collectors assemble. While some collectors display all buildings from a particular city together on one shelf, I group my collection randomly with whatever looks good. Some recent AT&T commercials intend to illustrate the seamless world of their company's mobile services. In one TV spot, three locations in which someone might live, work and play are China, London, and Moscow. "AT&T works in more places like Chilondoscow," which is a fun amalgamation of the names of those locations. Other ‘city names’ include New Sanfrakota (New York, San Francisco, South Dakota) and Newbosmento (New York, Boston, Sacramento). It’s a fun naming concept and one which could be adopted by souvenir building collectors. I also like how the related print advertisements use buildings and monuments on top of a globe. Have you noticed other commercials utilizing miniature architecture?

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