Monday, March 17, 2008

Building a New Stonehenge

We all have a hobby or two. Some of us collect souvenir buildings, while others enjoy spending the day moving multi-ton stones…alone. With surprisingly simple tools, a retired construction worker has challenged himself to unlock the construction secrets of England’s ancient monument, Stonehenge. Utilizing merely leavers, weights, gravity and his ingenuity, Wally Wallington is building a Stonehenge replica on his property in Flint, Michigan.
Wallington wrote: “I have begun to build a replica of Stonehenge with eight 10 ton blocks on end and 2 ton blocks on top. One man, no wheels, no rollers, no ropes, no hoist or power equipment and using only sticks and stones. In the future, either myself, sons, or grandsons will be able to show this and other forms of The Forgotten Technology to the world. I believe that I have learned to use the laws of physics to my advantage.”

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