Friday, March 14, 2008

Monumental Miniatures Book

Monumental Miniatures: Souvenir Buildings from the Collection of Ace Architects by Margaret Majua and David Weingarten. It contains detailed information and over 1,000 photographs for the serious collector of building replicas. The 208-page large paper back is a price guide, makers’ guide and also ranks souvenirs from common to degrees of rarity. Organized mainly by locations of the buildings for easy reference, it also includes chapters about different makers over the years, souvenir materials and types of souvenirs (coin banks, paperweights, pencil sharpeners, thermometers, book ends, inkwells, lighters, salt & pepper shakers, clocks, pin cousins and more). This is the companion to their first book, Souvenir Buildings Miniature Monuments. My copy has been utilized so often, the binding split, so I had a print shop install a spiral binding onto it. This book is a must-have and valuable reference book for every souvenir building collector.

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