Monday, April 14, 2008

San Jacinto Texas Monument

The old saying, “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” holds true for the San Jacinto Monument. At 570 feet, the octagonal column is the world’s tallest war memorial and is even 15-feet taller than the Washington monument. It was built to honor those who fought for Texas's independence during the Battle of San Jacinto. Designed by architect Alfred C. Finn, it opened in 1939 along the Houston Ship Channel. A museum is located in the base and the monument’s crowning jewel to top is a 220-ton Lone Star - the symbol of Texas. From the observation deck on top, you can see the skyline of Houston. Over the years, many miniature souvenir replicas of the San Jacinto Monument have been created in a variety of sizes and versions.


Anonymous said...

Some of the plaster version are pretty nice as well. I would say this is up there with the Washington Monument in different versions.


Dave said...

I agree, over the years the Washington Monument, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Empire State building have been reproduced many times in various sizes, materials and designs.

Julia said...

Just curious, are you looking to sell any of your san jacinto monument buildings? We're looking to buy one.


CEG said...

I have an 8 inch brass for sell

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