Monday, June 23, 2008

Syracuse Savings Bank

This souvenir building coin bank was made in the 1930’s by A.C. Rehberger and a later replica was produced by Banthrico. The Rehberger has a distinctive point to the center tower, whereas, the Banthrico version’s tower does not come to a point. The building replicas were given away to customers who opened an account. The real Syracuse Savings Bank Building was designed by Joseph Lyman Silsbee, who was 26 years old at the time. It was built adjacent to the Erie Canal in 1875 in the upstate New York city. At 170 feet tall, it was the tallest building in Syracuse and contained the first passenger elevator in Syracuse which was a curiosity and drew visitors. Following the closing of the Erie Canal, the interior of the Gothic building was cleared and rebuilt in the 1930's to reinforce the structure with steel framing. Syracuse Savings Bank occupied this building for more than 100 years and today it’s owned by Fleet Bank.

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