Thursday, July 31, 2008

Timothy Richards’ Building Models

For over 19 yeas, Timothy Richards has been making plaster architectural sculptures with his small company based in England. Central to the theme is that of architectural truth. Tim aims to use his love of architecture and model making skills to tell the story of architecture over the centuries. After attending art collage and being an apprentice, he worked as a pottery manager before starting his own architectural model-making business in 1988. He develop methods of casting, model making and marketing before completing his first piece, a model of Jane Austen's house in Bath. Over the past 18 years, he has created many building replicas and now larger models and commissions take up much of his time. His work has been presented twice to the Queen as well as numerous other Heads of State. Clients have included The Royal Ontario Museum, Canada; Sir Terence Conran; Roosevelt University, Chicago; Lord Rothschild and The National Gallery of Washington. More recently Timothy was invited to the University of Notre Dame to present his latest model of Bramante’s Tempietto. Some of the sculptures are designed to be used as bookends, others as stand alone collector’s pieces. According to Timothy, plaster has permanence and is a beautiful, underrated material. It is the main material we use in making the sculptures. Additional materials used in making the sculptures are etched brass; lead; white metal; glass, and sometimes gold. He has slowly built a reputation of quality and may be the only ones making plaster sculptures of this type in the world. He has created many architectural replicas including:

Architectural Model of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC By Timothy Richards

Architectural Model of the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford, England, By Timothy Richards

Signed and Dated Limited Edition Architectural Model of Ellis Island By Timothy Richards

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