Friday, August 8, 2008

Beijing Olympics Begins Today: 8/8/08

The Beijing National Stadium, also affectionately dubbed the “bird's nest,” will host the opening and closing ceremonies tonight as well as the track and field stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics. I posted a while back about a finely-made metal model of the stadium. I also found other building replicas of the bird’s nest ranging from the interesting to the bizarre. Included are: a keychain with stadium fob, an ashtray, a plastic MP3 speaker and a lighter in the shape of the stadium. Do you know of other olympic building souvenirs?


Anonymous said...

Yes there are number of them. From 1932 on up to now. But it seems the 2008 they have gone over board making the stadium do every thing from lighter, key chain, Dispenser and MP3 Player. There might be even more of them!!!

Most of the Olympics are Stadiums. The 1936 Olympics is a hard one to find with it being done in Bakelite. The most common after the 2008 Olympics are the 1988 and 1976

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a trend. Seems when the Olympics are recently held in the Far East there seem to be many versions of the Olympic stadium. While when they are held in Europe or North America they are few and far between. Is this because there are few places to make buildings in these locations as compared to the Far East or is it due to the lack of popularity of such items.

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