Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scott’s Mystery Tower / Monument

Avid Building Collector reader, Scott D., sent me a photo of a souvenir replica in his collection which is unidentified. Made of pot metal, he estimates the date of the replica to be, “around the late 19th Century to early 20th.” He wrote. “It’s a little over 9" tall (including the base) and a little over 2.5" at the bottom.” He bought this piece at an outside antique show about 10 years ago. It has what appears to be an area where a thermometer would have been and the words, ”N. MULLER N.Y. No 595.” This could be a maker’s mark and number or some other identifier. If you have any information about this mystery replica let me know via the ‘comments’ link below or send me an email at:


Anonymous said...

I was looking through my library and found that one of these was on Ebay a while back. But still no one knows what or where it is.


Dave said...

Steve V. wrote to me and said he has one of these monuments also. Its lead with a mercury thermometer in front. He believes its a European Monument.

Anonymous said...

Ya by it is made in NY.

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