Friday, November 7, 2008

London Architectural Festival

To paraphrase a JELL-O slogan…"Watch the cathedral wiggle, see it jiggle." During the London Architectural Festival, St Paul's Cathedral was depicted in traditional English jelly. An Architectural Jelly Design Competition at University College London featured molded jelly buildings which were then auctioned for charity. Reader, Scott D. sent me this tip about the festival held this past June. The Jelly competition was described this way: “Architectural Foodsmiths Bompas & Parr invite you to enter a fantastical jelly world. Performers wearing vast jelly costumes will dance around an altar containing an array of over 1000 specially commissioned jellies. Guests will be invited to participate in the jellymongers' transubstantiation ritual of turning jelly into architecture.” Organizers invited guests to “Come dressed like a trifle or tasty dessert and ready to party long into the night.” Another event was “jelly wrestling.” Do participants wrestle among the jelly buildings? Must look like Godzilla and mothra fighting. During the London Architectural Festival offered activities in five hub areas across the city, bringing large scale temporary structures and major street closures animated by art, music, dance and exhibitions. Also offered were walks, talks, boat and bicycle rides and performances to London’s architecture novices and industry experts alike. 250,000 people attended Festival events and many thousands more saw the street gallery exhibitions and installations located around the city. Sadly, the next festival won't be held until 2010. Check out this video of some other events. Do you know of other festivals featuring architecture?

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