Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Architecture Costumes

This is the time of year for costumes and carnivals. New Orleans has it Mardi Gras. Both Venice and Rio de Janeiro hold elaborate costumed carnivals. I found some interesting examples of architectural costumes. From a person dressed as the Statue of Liberty in a public park to Architect Philip Johnson featured in a print advertising wearing a hat in the shape of PPG Place in Pittsburgh, Pa. which he designed. During a 1931 Beaux-Arts ball, architects dressed as the buildings they designed including William van Alen, architect of the Chrysler Building, who donned a towering hat for the occasion. Evidently, many American architecture schools hold similar costume balls. A fashion model strutted down the runway with twin capital domes. Other collectors groups such as the Salt & Pepper Shakers Club hold costume contests during their conventions. Perhaps the Souvenir Building Collectors Society (SBCS) could do the same? What do you think? Write your thoughts in the ‘comments’ link below.

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