Monday, February 2, 2009

Model Cities

Most of us are content with buying miniature buildings, but others build entire miniature cities from scratch. Artist Michael Chesko hand carved city modes from balsa wood. Building Collector reader Scott D. sent me this link he found about another web site featuring city models. A blog named Tinselman, authored by Robyn Miller, wrote about models similar to the “3-D maps” I’ve posed about in the past. Spending countless hours toiling with Xacto blades and fingernail files to shape the balsa wood into miniature skyscrapers, Chesko first created an imaginary city named Britannica. He then focused on a scale miniature of Midtown Manhattan which took over 2000 hours to complete and measures 36" x 30” with a 1:3200 scale. Chesko describes himself as an eccentric mix of engineer, model maker, amateur cartographer and artist. His wooden cityscapes have been exhibited in various places in New York City including the Skyscraper Museum.

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