Monday, March 9, 2009

Bank Animals

I’m not seeing the connection… animals and souvenir buildings? I don’t get it. The rabbit and Coast Federal Savings Bank building I wrote about earlier I understand – he was the mascot for the bank. Lately, I’ve noticed more coin banks with animals. One of the strangest is a Silver Springs, Florida bank building with an Alligator Playing a Saxophone next to it. This bank really “has teeth” because one sold on eBay recently for $148. I also recently saw another building replica with a deer on top. Let’s not forget the souvenir buildings of the Empire State Building which included a metal King Kong on top. Animals and buildings – a popular pairing it seems. If you can explain any of these unusual combinations or know of others, let me know via the ‘comments’ like below

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Anonymous said...

I have seen the bank with the deer on it but it had a goose not a deer I understand that building was made with may variations on top including the one I have. Instead of an animal it has a US Capitol on top. A building on top of building! RJE

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