Friday, April 3, 2009

Gold Tokyo Tower

For the building collector who has everything, one can now buy a replica of the Tokyo Tower made of gold. The 24 karat gold detailed replica even includes a representation of the four story shopping and dining center called Foot Town located at the tower's base. The gold masterpiece stands about 26 inches high and weighs 11 pounds. The price is $510,000. Jeweler Ginza Tanaka Corp is selling (or hoping to sell) a miniature of Tokyo Tower made out of pure gold and was made to mark the 50th anniversary of Tokyo Tower. I wrote earlier about the Tokyo Tower and its sometimes confusion with the Eiffel Tower. Other replicas of the Tokyo Tower are a bit more modest pot metal versions. In the photos below, other Tokyo buildings it and one includes statue of the samurai warrior Kusunoki Masashige. Do you know of other gold or unique souvenir buildings?


Anonymous said...

Hey! They both look familar. I just recently got 2 other Tokyo Towers that are interesting. S

Dave said...

Send me photos of any other versions of Tokyo Tower replicas you have an I'll publish them. Thanks.

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