Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Souvenir Buildings with Boxes

Some building collectors also collect the original boxes which came with the souvenir. Types of boxes vary greatly from cheap paper, plain cardboard, printed cardboard to ornate velvet-covered presentation boxes. Boxes can be considered a form of ephemera, which is paper material which is not intended to be retained or preserved. Other collectible ephemera includes advertising trade cards, catalogues, greeting cards, letters, pamphlets, postcards, posters, stock certificates and tickets. Check out the photo gallery below of some souveneir buildings and their original boxes. Do you collect boxes with your building replicas? Do you save the box when you buy a replica new? Do you believe they are more valuable with the original box?


DarronC said...

I love when I can get the original box in which the building came. The only problem I face is the dilema of how to store the box if its too large to display. Great slideshow.

Dave said...

Thanks for your comment. I understand your storage problem, Darron. I also keep original boxes when I get them and store them away. Ive considered getting rid of my box of boxes, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

eSPy said...

I too keep the boxes, and did a quick tally. 183 boxes, not including the "flats" that fold down nice. Some, like generic white BTH boxes are labeled by me to keep track. One day they will all go into the recycling!

Anonymous said...

I always collect the boxes. I think down the line it will make a building worth more. But it's the storage problem that is created. It's very interesting to see how buildings were either just junk to be sold in a shop or a high end presentation piece. I have many pics of buildings in boxes.


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