Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SBCS Convention 2009

This year’s Souvenir Building Collectors Society’s (SBCS) convention this past weekend was a huge success. Held in Pasadena, California, the festivities began on Friday with an architectural tour of the city of Pasadena in the afternoon. In the evening, we moved to the home of SBSC member Bob K. His neighborhood of bungalow homes on a tree-lined street was a lead-in for was to come for the many architecture fans. Bob has an entire room dedicated to his impressive collection. Members crowded into the glass-display-case-filled room which were equally crowded with rare souvenir buildings. At one point, Bob pointed out and discussed some of the more unusual replicas and regaled us with their history. I particularly liked that all versions of a particular building were grouped together. This made the unique features of various versions evident and fascinating in commparison. In the garage, Bob set up a table of free miniature buildings and in the backyard, society members enjoyed a cookout and buffet dinner. Saturday morning began early with a short business meeting and then the ever-popular souvenir buildings sale and swap meet. About 10-12 members set up tables to sell and trade. And sell they did to enthusiastic buyers. Building Collector publisher Dave R. then led a workshop about ‘Photographing Your Buildings.’ (I will also write a post about this subject on this blog soon for those who could not attend the convention) The group will then moved the Bel Air home of member Ken W. to view his collection and have lunch. Ken displays his buildings and monuments in various locations around the house and always in tasteful arrangements to compliment the home and furnishings. It’s clear that some of the interior design centered on the amazing collection displayed on custom shelving. Most impressive, where the many large monument replicas and Grand Tour pieces.
In the afternoon, we car pooled to Anthony T.’s home in Burbank who demonstrated how he repairs souvenir buildings. He can repair the all too frequent broken tips and cracks to replacing missing statue figures and inkwell lids. Sometimes he sculpts a new piece or creates a mold and casts the missing item. He knows souvenir replicas well because he is the force behind Microcosms which produced many sought after miniatures.
Saturday evening’s dinner and cocktail hour back at the hotel began with a live auction of buildings. Six or Seven replicas were auctioned to eager collectors. Winners were announced for the first-ever publicity contest. I will write about this in more detail soon. After dinner, the miniature building raffle was conducted in a new and more efficient manor. Everyone has fun during this lively event.
Early risers got opportunity to visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market Sunday morning to search for possible new additions to their collection. Finally, some members took a train to downtown Los Angeles for an architectural walking tour. It’s seemed everyone had a great time meeting new friends, seeing old friends, learning something new and hopefully adding something to their collection. Bob K. did a terriffic job hosting and organizing this year's convention. If you missed them, check out my other posts about building replicas from Los Angeles. Did you attend this year’s convention? Have a story or memory you’d like to share? Write about it using the comments link below.

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Funny how you show the repair of the LAX building. I need the same repair! SD

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