Friday, June 26, 2009

Worst Souvenir Building?

Souvenir Building collectors usually have a favorite miniature (or two), but how about a least favorite? There are some very common buildings that I get a bit sick of seeing out and about or on eBay. How about you? Hate seeing another cast iron fort snelling - which looks nothing like the real fort it’s supposed to represent. How about those grey generic Bathrico banks with printed lettering on the facade? Do you need to see another St. Paul Federal Savings Banthrico coin bank? Was there an extra large production run of these buildings or are they just not desirable? Referring to its commonness, Scott D. said, “St Paul’s is the Empire State of Banthricos.” I must confess that I don’t own any of the above replicas in my collection. Do you have a least favorite or even detested building replica? Let us know via the comments link below.


Alan Bloom said...

The generic Banthrico banks, the ugly recasts of the UN, The Empire State Building, and World Trade Center. Those flat souvenir US Capital Buildings and the crummy detail deprived White Houses. The cheap pyramids with decorated sides. The pencil sharpener souvenirs that look nothing like the landmark (i.e. Golden Gate Bridge. I can go on. Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

the banthrico first federal savings and loan association in greenville, SC (MM #951) never gets, nor does it deserve, any respect despite its unusual shape. ironically, it was the first miniature building I ever bought, some 25 years ago, before I became really addicted.

Dave said...

Uhhhgg, I forgot about those flat US capitals that seem to be everywhere. Can't figure out why they were ever produced flatened like that. Their only redeeming quality is they fit on a narrow shelf.

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