Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SBCS Publicity Contest Winners

The first-ever Souvenir Building Collectors Society publicity contest winners were announced by President Darron C. during the closing dinner of this year’s SBCS convention in Pasadena. I was honored with first place for a video I produced about my collection. I tried to make it visually interesting, informative and appealing to both current and potential building collectors. You can view the video above. Second place was won by Jay M. for a front page story about his souvenir building collection in the Evansville Courier & Press newspaper. Mike M. was honored with third place for an interview of him by Ephemera. Honorable Mention went to Todd Gipstein. The goal of the contest was to create a greater public awareness about SBCS, while also showcasing members’ collections. Entries could take the form of any media format including, but is not limited to, video, newspaper and magazine features, television presentations or collection displays at a local library, historical society, museum or other public arena. SBCS officers encouraged the membership to be creative and hoped the contest would also generate increased membership numbers. The contest was open to all members in good standing. SBCS President Darron C. wrote, “Our only video entry turned out to be our first place prize because all the judges believed the video hit the core of what SBCS is. As one judge commented, "It would be great if we can get this video to go viral on Youtube". As for the second place prize which was the article featuring Jay Myers' collection, I couldn't have been more proud to learn that one of our members made the front page of their newspaper which has a weekend circulation of 87,000. The article was also posted on-line and got amazing comments like, "Thanks for sharing your unique collection!! I wish I'd thought of getting things like that on all of my travels." Darron contiues, “I was so pleased that the caliber and quality of the entries was way beyond what I imagined. I just hope it inspires members and nonmembers to show off their amazing collections, whether big or small, to the public and raise the awareness of this wonderful, often frustrating, passion.” First Prize was a convention package and one year free membership to SBCS. Second Prize was one Souvenir Building by InfocusTech. Third Prize was a one year free membership to SBCS. Judging was based on creativity, potential media circulation or website visits. A panel of SBCS officers judged entries. Congratulations to all the winners! Do you have feedback about the contest or the winners? Let us know via the comments link below.

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C.J. Keller said...

I love building replicas of all kinds. I have a few metal ones. Everytime I see one at an antique store or fleamarket, I pick it up and want it. I don't know why I haven't allowed myself to collect them. This photo is an inspiration. They look awesome all grouped together. Maybe this will be my new interest. I feel like I need one.
Thought you may have some interest in this site: Probably too cute for you, but they're the replicas I love.

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