Monday, August 17, 2009

Building Replicas in the Kitchen

Souvenir building collectors usually have replicas everywhere. Our collections begin on display shelves, then expand to other parts of the house. For a while, I’ve noticed “useful building replicas” for the Kitchen and dinning room. We all know about the many salt & pepper shakers shaped like buildings and monuments. But, have you noticed other miniature buildings with a purpose? The Leaning Tower of Pisa seems to be a popular shape. I’ve seen Leaning Tower shakers for graded cheese and another larger version for storing uncooked pasta. Leaning Tower teapots and others in the shape of a Victorian house (with a bizarre beaked spout). I saw another teapot set which was brown-glazed ceramic and looked like a castle turret. Each piece of the set stacked up to make the tower – teapot, creamer, sugar and lid. Let’s not forget building-shaped chocolate molds. Have you noticed additional “useful building replicas” for the Kitchen and dinning room? Do you collect such things or just concentrate on miniature building replicas?


Anonymous said...

Yes there are some wacky kitchen buildings. sd

Anonymous said...

Years ago I came across a ice cream mould of a hotel in Philadelphia. The detail was on the inside and it didn't display well. I sold it to a collector of ice cream moulds and bought a rare building with the proceeds.

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