Thursday, August 6, 2009

History Chess and Recession Souvenirs

The history of the last Century has been compaired to a chess game: a tournament of opposing political systems, ideologies, brands and artisitic movements. Boym Partners does it again with an unique take on a chess board and miniature buildngs. Each figure in History Chess alludes to an icon of last Century’s storied history. From a sinking Titanic to the falling World Trade Center. The Space Shuttle, Unabomber cabin even a Coke bottle and VW Beetle are included. 32 different hand-carved wooded chess pieces are set on a 4 by 4-foot board. This one must be pricey because the ‘prices is available upon request.” Recession Souvenirs are described on the Boym site as the first casualties of a world-wide downturn – architecture project. Canceled or put “on hold” these five potential skycrapers are reduced to tabletop size. The set includes Burj al Alam in Dubai, the Russian Tower in Moscow, Busan Lotte Tower in Korea Herzong & de Meuron’s condo tower in NY and the controversial Cheesegrater intended for London. The miniature skyscrapers are hand-cast in colorful resin. They are available on the Boym website for $95 each.

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