Monday, December 28, 2009

Magic Lantern Cathedral Replica

This spectacular gothic church souvenir building is also a magic lantern viewer. It sold recently for $ 3,450. The eBay seller of this item thought it might have been a replica of Chartres Cathedral in France. However, I believe it’s just a gothic cathedral design. Do you recognize it as an actual church? It is made of brass, very well detailed and may originally had a very small Cross on top. The base measures 8.24 inches across and 5 inch front to back and is about 8.5 inches tall. A predecessor of the modern slide projector, magic lanterns projected images from hand-painted glass plates well before the invention of photography. Magic lantern owners toured the country and presented their nighttime displays for large audiences in tents, theaters and schools to watch depictions of fables, legends and events. A skilled projectionist could move the slides quickly, making the screen images appear to move.

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Anonymous said...

It of no Cathedral. It's just a Gothic design. But it is in the Book.

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