Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bottle Shaped Buildings and Figural Decanters

I recently found and purchased two glass tower replicas from a second-hand store. The tall greenish glass replicas of the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa, came empty and without labels. They seemed to be either wine, alcohol or liquor bottles. Through some research, I discovered the Eiffel Tower was a 750 ml bottle of X.O. French Brandy. Thus far, I've been unable to locate a source for the Leaning Tower of Pisa bottle. We've all seen other collectable liquor decanters, usually made of ceramic, in the shapes of things including buildings (photos below). Many other bottle or vessels shaped like buildings or structures exist as well. In Japan, water bottles in the shape of the Tokyo tower are sold to thirsty tourists. Priced at $300, Sabino Art glass makes a hand-blown opalescent crystal perfume bottle in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Avon also made a much more common perfume version in the 1970's. Bottle related buildings include a handcrafted cast metal Eiffel Tower Wine Bottle Stopper, bejeweled with fine Swarovski crystals. How about something to put that wine or liquor into. Perhaps a set of wine glasses with Eiffel Tower stems. The Eiffel Tower seems to be a very popular design for decorator items like this. It is the tower's romance or just due to its popularity?


Jed said...

I used to work for a store in VT that sold the Leaning Tower of Pisa bottle. It was made, or distributed by a company called Global Amici. It looks EXACTLY like the one you have pictured above. We sold out of them, and I never got a chance to get one. If you've found them, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

I just grabbed one that was returned at work for a gift to a bottle collector.
it is "Pisa Tower Sangiovese di Toscana, LCBO item # 5520"
It is no longer available so I am assuming the red wine in side is vinegar by now lol.

Anonymous said...

When I visited Italy 2 years ago ,we stopped in Tuscany and they were sold along the street markets at the tower and cathedral, with either wine or liquor . They actually were in a box with a nice history of the tower. I bought two and have yet to open either one. One has limoncino the other is a tuscany red wine .

Dave said...

Thanks for your comments and information. If you are looking for just the bottles, I suggest second-hand stores and even thrift stores where I've seen them from time to time. eBay might be another option. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The greenish glass bottles at the top of your page were distributed by Cost Plus Imports. I have purchased several of them for myself and as gifts. If I recall they were around $6 per bottle. Last time I purchased them was in December 2008

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