Monday, March 29, 2010

Most Expensive Souvenir Building?

Superman and Batman comic books sold for record-high prices recently. Superman's debut in Action Comics No. 1 sold in a private sale for $1 million. With prices like that, you have to wonder if we are all in a recession or not. What is the highest price ever paid for a souvenir building? I asked a few fellow collectors about the most expensive building replicas they've seen actually sell (not just priced high). An antique obelisk replica was reportedly sold during the San Francisco SBCS convention for about $8,500. A world's fair clock from the columbian exposition was sold on eBay for $5,000. The Empire State Building with zeppelin sold for $3,000. An Acacia Life Building from Washington, D.C. sold for $2500. Recently a White Owl cigar exhibit for sold for $1750. Have any miniature buildings ever sold in the 5 figures? What's the highest price you've paid for a building? Have any interesting buying or selling stories you'd like to share? How about the 'one that got away' and now you regret? Let us know via the comments link below.


Anonymous said...

I've had a few regrets and heard stories of people telling me they saw one and didn't get it for me all the time. SD

Anonymous said...

I heard years ago that a certain collector that has a mega huge collection in California paid over $50 for a Fort Snelling that most would pass for $0.50.

Anonymous said...

I have the Acacia Life Building in my collection, if anybody wants to pay me over half of what the previous sold for I might take them up on the offer.

Mark M.

Brad Scalio said...

I have always regretted not buying a LAX main terminal replica from Microcosms when I had the chance.

I had the opportunity to buy a 1930s Chrysler for $300, wish I did that now looking back since I haven't seen one as nice as that one I let get away.

The moral - just do it - there's always going to be someone crazier than you are who would eventually buy it for equal or more (except Ft Snelling, that is crazy, anyone want one, I will give ou $0.50 to take it ;-)

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