Monday, March 8, 2010

Souvenir Buildings in Movies

Oscar has spoken and been spoken for. The awards for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards have been given out and are now proudly displayed on the winners' shelves. The very first Oscar statuette itself was manufactured in the 1920's by A.C. Rehberger, a name well known to souvenir building collectors. A rare souvenir replica of the Washington Monument with a flying saucer crashed into it sold on eBay a while ago for $159. It was made as a 'wrap' gift for cast and crew of the film "Men in White.' The National Lampoon parody of Sci-fi films of the past and spoof of the movie Men in Black. The 1998 film centers around two garbage men who stumble on a plot by aliens who intend to invade the Earth. The piece stands about 5 3/4" tall and cast in Pewter. The round base reads: MEN IN WHITE Cast and Crew 1998. There were only about 40 of these ever made so the piece is quite scarce. Microcosms made a limited run of highly detailed replicas of the Glass Tower from the now classic film "The Towering Inferno". Microcosms also produced a replica the Bates house on a hill from the movie Psycho. There is also an unusual miniature building of Remulak, the home planet of the Conesheads from the movie of the same name. Made of wood and metal with resin pieces, It's 8 inches wide by 5 inches deep and 5 inches tall. A while ago, I also wrote about a movie prop (Empire State Building) from the movie Die Hard. The movie Milk had a building-shaped cake in a birthday scene. Do you know of other souvenir building movie props or replicas of movie monuments?

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