Monday, April 5, 2010

Empire State Building Shoes

These shoes were made for walkin' There gonna walk all over new. New York that is. With replicas of the Empire State building as heels, Geox is launching a limited-edition line of shoes this month. The shoes will step you back $230 and will be sold at the Geox’s store on West 34th Street, just across from the landmark that inspired them. Styles include a leopard-print peep-toe and a purple sequined pump. Geox is paying homage to New York and its history, “with its thousands of lights and illuminated skyscrapers which form an incomparable and perfect skyline.” The bridge and tunnel crowd could be stylin' in these shoes during their commute. Lets just hope they don't fall, King Kong like, from the sky-scraping 5″ heels. Turns out, others have also been inspired by the building and shoe combination like this Chrysler Building heel drawing.

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