Thursday, May 20, 2010

Architectural Clothing

T-shirts are walking billboards. We have become advertising vehicles for companies, causes, and concerns. But, they can also advertise the wearer's hobby. Whether you're a building collector, architect or architectural fan, you can let the world know about your interests via your clothing. Revealing a bit about your personality can be a great conversation starter too. Clothing can also be great gifts for an architect or fashionable architectural fans. A company in England offers a limited-editio

n T-shirt with a black & white city building theme. Perhaps you'd like the Kuwait Towers, a medieval castle tower and Eiffel Tower T. Architect Michael Graves designed scarves he named “Paesaggio,” which means landscape in Italian. The wearable silk version of a Graves mural called “Industrial Landscape” was created as part of his art series exploring the theme of the Archaic Landscape. A crafts-person on Etsy created a silk-screened skyscraper tie while another company sells black ties with a modern building design. You've got to carry all these clothes in something when you travel to find souvenir buildings. How about a suitcase with hand-made building art.

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