Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chinese War Monument Tower

A recent eBay listing called this a "Japanese War Memorial in Hakugyokuzan," but after some research, I discover that this memorial is actually in China commemorating a war between Russia and Japan. The very rare souvenir stands 6 1/2 inches Tall with a 5 1/2 inch base. The metal monument has a bronze finish with asian writing on it's base (If anyone can read the characters, please let me know what it says). The antique replica appears to be very well made with open columns at the base. The lucky auction winner got this for $165. Seeming to have many different names, the real "Monument to the Loyal Dead" or 'Patrotic Tower' or "Loyalty tower" stands atop a hill in Chinese city of Lushun, formerly named port arthur. Colonial authorities decided to build on Baiyu Peak a "loyalty Tower" in recognition of the officers and soldiers loyal to the emperor who died during the Russo-Japanese War. Construction of "Loyalty tower" began in 1909 and 20,000 workers labored two years to build tower. Standing 66.8 meters high, the tower has 273 interior spiral stairs. The top spire is said to either resemble a warhead or candle. Its a popular tourist destination.

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