Monday, November 22, 2010

Discovering Souvenir Buildings

Your eyes scan the shelves in search of your target. There! You spot one. Your heart skips a beat and your pulse quickens, as you get closer. The thrill of the hunt is what keeps many collectors motivated. What might you find? Whether it’s an antique store or souvenir store, you have to check just one more. A collector’s eyes become trained to move quickly and zero in – despite the other items surrounding or hiding the target. Above are some photos I’ve taken during my travels in search of souvenir buildings. Far too often; however, what are found unwanted generic buildings or Banthrico still banks that are not buildings. We’ve all seen the cars and busts of famous people. There must be people out there who collect these, but they don’t seem as popular as souvenir buildings because the heads and autos are everywhere. Stacked on top of each other like miniature a demolition derby or a pile-on fight of famous heads. Once, I stopped at a very out-of-the-way flea market and though, surely I might find a building there. Not a chance. What I did happen upon was an entire table full of Banthrico automobile banks. It must have been the seller’s collection and he was tired of it. I walked away dreaming that if the table was filled with Banthrico buildings instead, I would have been ecstatically purchased the entire lot. Do you have an interesting or unusual shopping story? Tell us via the ‘comments’ link below.

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Anonymous said...

At one of the Antique shows after going through the entire show I looked up and saw it. A St Louis Station. It was with an orginal clock. I had to stop and put down what I had in my hands. I picked it up and the lady there started talking to me. I couldn't believe it was so cheap. I immediately bought it and it's one of my favorite pieces in my collection.

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