Sunday, January 23, 2011

Architectural Pen Set

In the era of emailing, texting and tweeting, we rarely take the time to put pen to paper. However, if you do and want to do so in style then these pens are for you. The set of 3 pens represent famous buildings in China, Paris and Moscow. The S.T. Dupont limited edition architectural fountain pens are designed by jeweler Philippe Tournaire who is known for his architectural masterpieces. Called “Architectural Masterpieces,” the series is inspired by three iconic monuments of the contemporary world—Paris’ Les Invalides, Russia’s St. Basil’s Cathedral, and China’s Pagoda of the Sun. Made of sold Bronze, the structures stand in magnetic pedestals. The tops are solid 18K gold and covered in enamel. Howie sent me this tip when he saw a set offered on eBay for a mire $35,000. Tournaire also created high fashion architectural rings. Only 15 sets were made for each of the design and, unfortunately, all 45 of them are already spoken for.

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