Saturday, August 27, 2011

Buildings Damaged in Virginia Earthquake

The National Cathedral’s stone ornamentation and statues were damaged and the Washington Monument is cracked. Caused by the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that rocked the east cost and is the Worst Earthquake in Virginia since 1897. This was a rare event for the east coast that not only shook the ground, but shook up residents who are not used to earthquakes. Residents of California are used to such events and are somewhat prepared. When I returned from work after the quake, the only change I saw to my souvenir buildings was a few off kilter. A tall CN Tower had fallen over and a replica of the Jesus statue in Rio was resting on another building. I surveyed fellow Virginia building collectors about damage to their collections and they range from lots of damage to very little. Harry said, “Well, my San Francisco and LA buildings did just fine since they are built to the latest earthquake codes. Actually the only thing that fell off my shelf was a printed circuit board I had out, but no breakage. I was working in my basement home office when it hit and it sounded first like the air handler was trying to shake loose from its mounts. It was really loud. It sounded like a huge truck rumbling by outside. It was all over in 10 seconds or so.” Russell also fared well through the event, “A number of my pieces, especially on the second floor were shaken off their shelves and onto the floor. Fortunately, none broke but was interesting to see what pieces moved and which ones stayed in place. Also had a number of books come down off their shelves. Quite an experience!”

Brad, however, suffered the worst of the Arlington collectors. Photos show his tall display cases shaken, doors open, buildings on the floor and a few broken. “My National Cathedral spire broke off too – coincidence? WTC fell and was the only building that was completely destroyed, kinda freaky,” Brad said. “It felt like the entire house was coming down where I am, although I am on a large hill and at the end of a row of townhomes. I ran out thinking the entire house was indeed about to come down. We have cracks in our walls, a neighbor had three windows blow out, a street lamp fell down on some parked car on the street, and two trees were knocked down as well. We haven't had gas since the earthquake due to a break somewhere.” He also saw an entire side of brick house down nearby.

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Dave said...

Now with hurricane Irene is hitting the east coast the buildings might sustain more damage in their weakened state.

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