Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mystery Asian Souvenir Building Box

Building Collector reader Steve sent me these photos of a recently acquired souvenir building. He wonders if anyone can identify the structure. There is Asian writing on the bottom. The Building is a very heavy metal box and depicts a 14-story building. It stands 4.5 inches and the unhinge top comes off. Steve writes, “Exterior has silver aluminum finish but is much too heavy to be made of aluminum. Base feels like lead. Looks like it might have been used to hold a cigarette pack and matches. The bottom has a single line of writing in what I think is Japanese. Have never seen it before and it is a great piece. No dents and remarkable that the unattached top did not get separated and lost.” If anyone has clues to its identity email me or write via the ‘comments’ link below.

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Glenn said...

It looks to me like it may be a department store, but the key is the writing on the bottom. Have someone translate it for you, or take a very clear photo or scan of it and post that. That will probably tell you exactly what it is.

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