Saturday, March 10, 2012

USAF Academy Eagle and Fledgling statue

This rare vintage metal souvenir of the United States Air Force Academy Eagle and Fledgling statue stands almost 4 1/2 inches high. One sold on eBay recently for $56. The real Academy Eagle and Fledgling statue takes flight at the south end of the Air Gardens and was given as a gift to the Academy in 1958 by the personnel of Air Training Command. It contains the inscription by Austin Dusty Miller, “Man’s flight through Life is Sustained by the Power of his Knowledge.”


SP said...

It was made in 2 sizes, each with copper flash finish and similar detailwork.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you know where I can purchase an eagle and fledglings statue? My research has come up empty. Thanks for your help

Anonymous said...

There is an authentic Rusty Phelps after Carl C Mose Eagle and fledglings statute currently on eBay right now as of 1/1/2024

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