Monday, July 2, 2012

Europa Flat Apartment Building Replica

This very detailed, silver presentation piece was discovered in Europe. It appears to have been made to commemorate the completion of an apartment building in Holland. Collector Steve V. sent me this photo of a recent acquisition to his collection. The details show windows, roof machinery and 3 attached entrance canopies in front. The wording on the wooden base’s plaque is written in Dutch and translated means, “COMPLETION OF EUROPA FLAT September 1965. Given by Construction Offices for Tenets. Haghoek-Almelo.” Tenets is the name of the construction company and Haghoek-Almelo means in Holland. The size is approximately 5.75 inches long x 4 x 2.5. Do you have a rare or unusual souvenir replica you’d like to share with other readers of this blog?  Send me a photo and description of it and I’ll post it here. 

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