Monday, July 8, 2013

Souvenir Monument Replicas from the Gettysburg Battlefield

Continuing to discuss other miniature souvenir replicas from the Gettysburg Battlefield, such as the Eternal Light Peace Memorial I wrote about previously, other monuments have also been produced as souvenirs.  Very small pewter replicas were produced a few years ago including the Pennsylvania State Memorial and the Virginia State Monument with Robert E. Lee atop a horse. Others include the Evergreen-Cemetery-Gatehouse, First Shot, 62nd Pennsylvania, 12th New Jersey, and the Gettysburg High Water Mark Memorial. Sculptor Gary Casteel produced some miniature monuments including the Longstreet Headquarters. These are made from Pecan Resin and were produced at one time to raise money for the battlefield. I’ve been doing research on a monument with 3 rifles perched together with a drum and soldiers’ backpacks below. It may represent one of a few different memorials such as the 10th Massachusetts 
Volunteer Infantry Regiment or the 90th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Antietam. Do you know of other replica monuments from Gettysburg? 


Anonymous said...

Where can u purchase replica's like this?

Matthew said...

Gary also did a pecan resin replica of the 24th Michigan monument.

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