Sunday, November 24, 2013

Confederate Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument Souvenir Replica

The seller of this rare replica of the Confederate Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Richmond, Virginia believes it was given to dignitaries at the dedication of the monument in 1984. The souvenir monument stands 17 inches tall with a 6 x 6 inch base. Another collector pointed out that the bayonet is missing from the replica or was never included. The real monument is a 17-feet-high standing bronze figure of a Confederate soldier standing on a Corinthian” capital atop a 73-feet-high granite column on Libby Hill in Richmond, Virginia. It was unveiled May 30, 1894, at a reunion of Confederate Veterans. The bronze figure of a Confederate Soldier surmounting the top of the monument is said to be the largest piece of solid bronze ever cast in the United States. There are many other Civil War monuments in the southern city of Richmond. Do you know of other souvenir replicas that were created? 

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