Sunday, December 1, 2013

Miniature Building Candles of New York

Return to the Raw candle sets are wax miniature buildings created by Lan Tuazon. The artist’s Skyscraper Candles have three distinct sets of buildings, all associated with different colors. The lavender color lends itself to banks, grey for office buildings, and black is reserved for the corporate spaces.They come with a wooden framed base, which also has other elements to serve as placeholders. This allows users to “design the buildings” how they want. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cooper Union, Tuazon graduated from Yale with a Master’s in Sculpture. Calling New York both her home and her office, she “address the order of things as it relates to built and imaginary environments.” Three pricey candle sets were made, each in a limited edition of 100. WORLD BANKS (9 movable candles): Bank of America, 1 Chase Manhattan, 3 World Financial Center, 450 Lexington Avenue, Swiss Bank, 1 Financial Square, Continental Center, Mutual of America. CIVIC AND CORPORATE BUILDINGS (9 movable candles): Chrysler Building, AXA Center, General Motors, Solow Building, WR Grace, Home Insurance Plaza, Thurgood Marshall Court Building, Javits Federal Center, and Federal Office Building. OFFICE BUILDINGS (8 movable buildings): Empire State Building, 1 Penn Plaza, 520 Madison Building, 599 Lexington Avenue, Chanin Building, 17 State Street, 3 Park Avenue & 750 Seventh Avenue.   

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