Sunday, May 25, 2014

Architectural Shelves for Displaying Collections

As proud collectors, we want our hobbies out in the open for
everyone to enjoy. Visible collections can start conversations and potentially recruit others to keep an eye out for additions. How should we display at collection? Should we integrate a collection within the decoration of our home or keep at all together. You must admit, building replicas look great amassed together. Some collectors commission custom-built shelving created especially for their collection and space. Collectors like Darron, Harry, Bob, Howie, and even my own, all have areas in our homes dedicated to a building collections. I thought other display options for an-architecturally inspired collections. Paul T. Frankl was an Austrian-born architect and artist who later turned to furniture design. His architecture background naturally influenced his furniture style. How great would miniature architecture look on his Art Deco Skyscraper Bookcase like the one shown to the right? In an antique shop, I recently noticed a wooden corner shelf with a skyscraper design. Online, I found an Egyptian-styled column shelving unit which could compliment a collection. Do you know of other options or ideas for collection displays? 

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