Monday, December 1, 2014

Designer Souvenir Buildings by Merci Gustave

A French company, aptly named Merci Gustave as a tribute to Alexandre Gustave Eiffel the French civil engineer and architect of the Eiffel Tower, is producing a series of metal building replicas. These are not ordinary souvenirs, but more like works of art. Painted with bright colors and adorned with hearts, stripes, flags or a happy face, the monuments beam with excitement. They also created a set of 3 metal replicas depicting the construction stages during the building of Gustav’s name-sake Tower. Need a VERY large Eiffel tower in your collection:  ZE BIG Stunning Merci Gustave Limited Edition Paris Tower (H 43.25ins/1.10m; Zinc Alloy: Toro Red) They also make a series of unusual Statue of Liberty models Stunning Merci Gustave Limited Edition Mini Statue of Liberty Stars & Stripes (H 8ins/20cm; Color: Mini Miss Sam-Red/White/Blue) Looks like they also have plans to produce Burj Al Arab, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, and the tower of Big Ben

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