Sunday, March 22, 2015

Vine Guy Gets Souvenir in Paris

Zack King creates popular fun short videos on Vine. Here's an appropriate video for we building collectors:

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Carol said...

I have a a Franz Xavier Bergman early 20th Century cold painted bronze lamp. I am interested in selling this lamp and I was wondering if it was something you may interested in obtaining?

The lamp depicting a mosque with Minaret with an Arab man praying upon his rug, signed with a 'B' in a vase. excellent vibrant colors and fine surface detail, signed with 'B' in a vase.

This lamp is in good condition with one screw missing in the top part of the tower, the hanging lantern inside the mosque has 3 chains holding it in place, one of the chains has become disconnected although the chain to hold it is still attached. Other than these 2 small details it is in beautiful condition.
Please email me at

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