Sunday, April 17, 2016

Resin Polymer Plastic Souvenir Building Replicas

Might we have been miss-identifying this material for some time? I always thought of the solid plastic molded souvenir buildings as “resin,” but that may not be the proper word. Resin comes from tree sap, while polymers areplastic and are produced from crude oil. The sap of pine and other coniferous trees, often called pitch, is a resin. The materials we call plastics (polystyrene, ABS, acrylics, polyethylene, etc.) are synthetic forms of long-chain polymers derived from (usually) petroleum. Whatever you call them, many miniature souvenir replicas of buildings and monuments are made of solid plastic these days. It’s a cheaper material than any type of metal and then can be sold for a lower price. Personally, I prefer metal replica whether they are new or antique. Below are some examples of plastic building model including Parthenon in Nashville, the Pentagon in Virginia, Stratford Hall in Virginia, and the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. I’ve written before about replicas such as Lucy the elephant, the National Archives bookends, Holocaust Museum and the Astronomers Monument in L.A. During a trip to Europe, I saw many stores in many different countries selling plastic buildings. I won’t ask if you know of other polymer buildings because there are so many.

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Unknown said...

While in Denmark I tried looking for the "resin" Frederiksborg Castle model everywhere that you have pictured at the bottom, as it was my favorite building. Any chance you know how to get one? Probably discontinued making it......

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