Sunday, May 15, 2016

Oval Base Souvenir Buildings from Germany

Have you noticed some of the older souvenir building replicas made in Germany have distinctive oval bases? The unusual design leads me to believe they were all produced by the same company, but they are unmarked and I have never heard of a name associated with them. Do you know? What I’m going to call, ‘Oval bases’ and are either rounded or pointed at the ends. They are also sometimes ‘forced perspective as they are not fully 3-D, but are condensed somewhat as one would view it from a certain perspective. One replics has the words, “Aschaffenburger Schloss” on the oval base, but it is actually the Castle of Johannisburg, in the town of Aschaffenburg, Germany. Erected between 1605 and 1614 by the architect Georg Ridinger for Johann Schweikhard von Kronberg, Prince Bishop of Mainz. Constructed of red sandstone, the typical building material of the Spessart, the hills near Aschaffenburg. A keep, or fortified tower, from the destroyed 14th-century castle that had formerly stood on the site, was included in the construction and is the oldest part of the castle.

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