Sunday, May 1, 2016

Souvenir Building Replicas Other Materials: Wood, Rubber, Soap, Marble, Onyx, Coal

To complete the 14th in a series of posts about different materials used  to produce souvenir buildings, I compiled a list of ‘others.’ These off-beat materials include: Bakelite, Wood, Rubber, Soap, Marble, Onyx, Coal and Macerated Money. I've written before about building souvenirs made of macerated money. Below are some examples and photos. Do you know of other odd materials for building replicas?

Preble County National Bank made of rubber for the 100th anniversary in 1973

Goodyear Blimp Hanger in Akron, Ohio made of ‘Dualuminum'

England’s Durham Cathedral made of coal & the Hawaiian Islands made of lava

Washington Monument made of Bakelite & Bennington Monument made of wood

Rockefeller Center made of hand soap
Equator Monument made of onyx & Washington Monument made of marble    

Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Levere Memorial Temple at Northwestern University made of stone    

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