Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Building Souvenir Replica Lighter

Big thanks to my friend, Seiichiro, who was able to identify this replica as the Tokyo MetropolitanPolice Department Headquarters. There are no words, nor identification on the replica itself, which made it difficult to locate. The metal souvenir includes a lighter and helicopter-pad roof lid that, when removed, reveals a small storage box. This main building of the Keishicho is located in the Kasumigaseki part of central Tokyo just a block from the National Diet building. Constructed in 1980, it is 18 stories tall and is in the shape of a large wedge with a cylindrical tower. The Metropolitan Police, with a staff of more than 43,000 police officers and over 2,800 civilian personnel, manages 102 stations in the prefecture.

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