Sunday, November 6, 2016

Wheeling Savings & Loan Association Souvenir Building Coin Bank by Rehberger

Wheeling Savings & Loan Association in Wheeling, West Virginia metal coin bank made by Rehbeger. I found a recent photo of the real building, below left, which was at 25 Eleventh St. in Wheeling, West Virginia. On the right of the below photo, is an advertisement for the bank which shows the same building. I have to assume the building was the first office for the bank.

I collect 3D metal souvenir building replica of architecture from around the world. If you have any to sell or trade, contact me via my email address in the “complete profile” link at the top right of this blog.


Hugh Walter said...

Apropos nothing in particular, but I though you'd like to know...I was listening to a radio programme this side of the Pond (BBC Radio 4's 'In Touch'), which is for blind people, and they had a chap on there who also collects these...for obvious reasons, he can't see where he goes (but presumably gets the atmosphere/smells/sounds of somewhere different, but get's to take a tangible memento home with him...I think he said he had about 500, might be worth an email to Radio Four?

Always viewing, but little to add Until now!)

Dave said...

Hello Hugh, Thanks so much for your comment and information. I tried to find a link to the BBC Radio 4 interview about the building collector, but could not find it. Would you happen to have a link to it to share with my readers? Thank you, Dave

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