Friday, February 22, 2008

Real / Replica: Albany Bank Bookend

I lived for a while in Upstate NY and found these building-shaped bookends with the words, “Central Bank of Albany.” I kept my eyes open while in Albany and one day discovered what I believe is the actual bank building along Central Ave. Both the real building and replica have the same number and placement of palladian windows, door placement and decorative keystone in front. It became a Fleet Bank branch and then, within the last 10 years, WAMC, the Northeast Public Radio Station, converted the classic building at Central and Quail into the WAMC Performing Arts Studio. Some souvenir building replica locations are very well known and others can be a mystery. It’s great to track down the real building which was made into a replica. Do you have any unusual replicas and found the real structure? Send the info and photos my way and I’ll share it with our Building Collector viewers.

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