Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Designed Perspective

Standing below a skyscraper and looking up gives one a distorted view as the building’s top diminishes due to perspective. Occasionally, souvenir buildings have been designed with perspective already built in. Replica walls may get wider on the side, giving the illusion of perspective. The replica of the Terminal Tower in Cleveland starts out relatively narrow at the base and gradually gets wider near the top and sides. I also have an unidentified church, pictured here, which also forces perspective in the design. Nothing is square nor the same on this replica...the base is distorted, the towers are uneven and the roof line grows taller on one side. Do you know of other replicas with perspective? Can you identify this church souvenir building? Let me know via the ‘comments’ link below. UPDATE: So, I may have answered my own question. I scoured the Monumental Miniatures Book and now believe the building above is not a church, but in fact Hotel de Ville (or Town Hall) in Brussels, Belgium.

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