Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2008 Convention Souvenir

For many years now, the Souvenir Building Collector's Society has commissioned a special souvenir building for our annual convention. The replica is always something appropriate and specific to the host city and given to convention attendees. This year, InFocusTech created a metal replica of the University of Virginia’s Rotunda in Charlottesville, Virginia. It seems to be the first time a 3-D metal replica has been made of this historic building. The only other known metal replica is a bookend of just the front columns, pediment and steps. A larger replica made of resin is also available in the local bookstores for about $80. Infocustech also created a building replica of The John Davis House or “The Farm.” The home is owned and was renovated by Elizabeth Lawson and Michael J. Bednar, who hosted the SBCS Friday night convention dinner. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Jeffersonian house was built in 1826 by John A. G. Davis who was a UVA Law Professor. General George Armstrong Custer occupied the house in 1865. Later, it became a nursing home and apartments. Abandoned and condemned during the 1980’s, the house was then purchased and restored in 1993 by Lawson and Bednar. If you missed the convention, also check out my previous posts about the Charlottesville area and area souvenir opportunities from Monticello and Montpelier.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they are selling the one my girlfriend would have gotten if we had made the conference. S

Anonymous said...

I see it was cheaper to go to the convention and get the building than buying it on Ebay!

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