Monday, June 16, 2008

Erector Set Skyscraper

A new building has appeared in the NYC skyline. The 65-foot-tall edifice was hand-made by two-dozen craftsmen under the direction of artist Chris Burden. Utilizing a million custom-fabricated Erector Set pieces, the artwork is entitled, “What My Dad Gave Me.” The one-time controversial artist who one had a friend fire a rifle at his left arm in 1971 for a piece called “shoot,” created the enormous toy. According to the artist, no one has ever built such a large Erector Set sculpture. It was 1912, when an inventor named A.C. Gilbert created the first Erector set, inspired by the steel framework of skyscrapers that he saw under construction in New York City. The constructed metal building replica will be on display through July 19 at Rockefeller Center.

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