Sunday, January 4, 2009

Machined Aluminum Skyscraper Lighter

Most often, souvenir building are mass-produced and sold in gift shops. How often do you see a hand-made building replica? I’ve seen a few, but mostly made of wood. This Skyscraper Lighter Set appears to be machined from aluminum blocks by a skilled craftsman. It was auctioned recently via ebay and sold for $1,325. The seller guessed it might have been from the 1940s and said he, “just happened onto this building and thought it would be interesting to sell on ebay.” His instincts were correct, he got a great price and some building collector got a unique piece. This Souvenir Building Skyscraper Lighter is about 6 5/8" tall. Made to be a smoking set, the top lifts off to reveal a lighter, the bottom right is a removable ashtray and the back narrow building has a carved-out slot for a book of matches. The one mystery is which skyscraper does this lighter represent? It seems too detailed to be generic. Do you know which skyscraper this replica is modeled after? Do you know of other unique or hand-made building replicas? If so, let us know via the ‘comments’ link below this post.

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